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Threats and Solutions


Current Threats

regulatory focus

Regulatory risk in the financial services industry is a primary concern for organisations in Australia today.  If the evidence presented to the Royal Commission into Financial Services reveals anything, it is that some organisations do not know how their customers feel - until it is far too late. 

limited monitoring

Organisations typically adopt a sampling approach for the purposes of supervising and monitoring call centre agent adherence to sales practices and compliance policies.  Applying this limited quality assurance approach, only a fraction of interactions are monitored with the overwhelming majority of calls going unchecked.

turnaround time

Even when calls are monitored, it takes time – perhaps weeks – to have results returned.  Further time is lost analysing, collating, identifying trends, and reporting on the outcomes.  In the meantime, the organisation is unaware of the risk of a disgruntled customer or series of customers, or a potential breach of regulation.

commercial and regulatory risks

Remediating issues and converting unhappy customers get harder as time passes – with the risk of reputational harm and client loss increasing every day.

In this environment, having
ksndra on your team is essential.

ksndra. The Solution

early warning

ksndra provides an early warning system for call centre interactions with customers, allowing businesses to track regulatory compliance alongside customer experience. 

empowering analysis

With near real time analysis, ksndra can report on metrics quickly and ksndra’s big data solution empowers a user to close in on root causes, allowing an organisation to act promptly to address risks before they become problems.

comprehensive insights

In the current climate of regulatory focus and heightened consumer awareness and expectations, comprehensive timely insights and relevant reporting is critical. 

In this environment, having ksndra on your team is essential.